…to rock a rhyme that’s right on time

It's Trikky

Some time ago, while wandering the warren of streets that is Covent Garden, I decided to duck into the Kid Robot store to check out┬áthe ‘Sneaky Snow Ball’. A winter exhibition set up by Sneaky Raccoon including contributions from many talented artists; the shop was a fill of crazy characters and apparel. Inspired by some of the amazing creations on display; I decided to pick up a blank white 2.5-inch Trikky and make play with my own custom vinyl toy.

A blank white surface with so many possibilities; I was eager┬áto make a start but first I had to consider how to approach this new project. Would I apply pencil and brush to create a decorative piece of graphics and patterns? Or utilize the shape of the small model to develop a cute little character? Reluctantly placing the Trikky to one side, I settled down to give it some thought – as I often do – with pencil and paper.

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